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Silver Flasher Irridescent Prism, 3 sheets, Free S&H

$ 6.49

Silver 1/4" Mosaic Flasher Irridescent sheet, 3 sheets, each is 8 inch x 12 inch (20cm x 30cm)  Pattern is 1/4 inch mosaic holographic diffraction.  changes color with viewing or lighting angle. This is metalized vinyl, it is adhesive coated on the back. A peel and stick product. Called stickyback in UK.

Free shipping within USA only.

Made in USA, recently produced.

Great for making or modifying flashers, lures, decals, signs, stickers, crafts.  can be cut with stikas and other computer controlled vinyl cutters.

 I also sell this in 17 colors, the fluorescent are popular with fishing customers.
please see my two ebay item numbers :
380784877259 , Fishing Lure Prism Tape, 5 sheets of Popular Colors
eBay item number: 381173625181 , 3 Sheets Holographic Prism Sign Vinyl, Choose Your Size and Color, 1/4" Mosaic
I also sell this in rolls of tape :
eBay item number: 380352701407 , Prism Tape, Choose your Colors and Sizes. Holographic 1/4" Mosaic Hoop Tapes.

we sell this vinyl in roll form, in about 20 sizes and 16 colors.

for 1-8 inch size rolls, look at eBay item number: 131579201770
for 24 inch wide rolls, please look up 130545858307 , 130545934190
and for 12 inch 380289358598 , and 130835347468

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