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Sample Packs and Swatch Books

$ 4.99
Sample Pack of Vinyl, choose your size and pattern.

The Oil Slick contains 16 different colors
The Transparent contains 20 different colors
The chrome contains 20 different colors
The Glittering sequins contains 22 different colors
The stardust contains 14 different colors
The diamond plate contains 10 different colors

The 3x4 inch sheets are stapled together on one end of this sample pack. Most of the 8x12 inch sheets are unstapled, and are shipped inside a large recloseable bag

3 mil ( 0.003 inch ) thick plastic. Sheets are coated with adhesive on backside. A release liner is removed to expose adhesive layer. The vinyl is thin and flexible, similar to bumper sticker material, it is about the thickness of a dollar bill.

each package includes as many colors as we offer for that style.

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