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Long-Life Silver Holographic 1/4" Mosaic PRISM Sign Vinyl 24 inch x 30 feet

$ 63.95 $ 69.00

Long-Life Silver Holographic  1/4" Mosaic  Vinyl  24 inch wide by  30 feet in length. 5-year outdoor rating.  Pattern is 1/4 inch mosaic squares. Holographic diffraction is irridescent, changes color with movement or changes in viewing or lighting angle. This is a premium metallized cast vinyl, coated with adhesive on the back side. Av peel and stick product.  Other colors and widths available. 3 mil thick vinyl cuts and weeds well on Stikas, rolands, gerber, and other computer controlled vinyl cutters.

Made in USA. Often used for auto graphics, decals, racecar numbers, displays, letters and numbers, signage, crafts and projects. Designed to adhere to smooth, clean surfaces.

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