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Gold Large Engine Turn Sign Vinyl 24 Inch x 30 feet

$ 63.95 $ 69.95

 Gold Large Engine Turn Sign Vinyl   24 inch x 30 feet,  adhesive coated on the backside.  A liner is removed to expose the adhesive layer.  Color is gold. This is the larger engine turn pattern, each "turn" is approx 7/8  inch ring of concentric circles.  This 3 mil premium vinyl made to cut and weed well on automatic vinyl cutters such as Stikas, Rolands, Gerbers.  

Rated for up to 5 year outdoor durability.

  Often used for traditional and classic signage, numbers and letters. This pattern was used on dashboards of older Pontiacs and other autos. Engine turn is an older  pattern, it is named after the surface finish left behind on metal after it has been cut on a milling machine.

Can be printed with soljet, ecosol, and thermal transfer.