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GOLD Overall / Oilslick / Rainbow/ Shimmer Sign Vinyl 12 inch x 10 feet

$ 21.95

Gold colored  Overall / Oilslick / Rainbow Vinyl 12 inch x 10 feet.  Free shipping for USA and PR

  Gold diffraction grating pattern.  This vinyl is irridescent, it changes colors when viewing angle changes. Slight seam every 6 inches. This product has adhesive on the back.  This pattern also called brite overall, rainbow, and oilslick, mirage, rainbow. Great for numbers and letters, decals, stickers, signage, autographics, displays.

The rainbow effect in the photos may be misleading to those not familiar with this product.  The rainbow effect is dependent on the camera angle, if I take the picture from a different angle, the photos would look significantly different.

Can be cut with razor, scissors, and computer controlled vinyl cutters including Stika, Roland, Gerber vinyl cutters.  Can be used outdoors, rated for up to 5 year outdoor durability.

Twelve inch wide by 10 feet in length, gold color. 3 mil thick vinyl.(PVC)

Made in USA,  money back if not satisfied.