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GLITTER FLAKE Sign Vinyl and Drum Wrap, Self-adhesive Sparkles

$ 21.95

Any Color Glitter Flake Sign Vinyl,. This product is made with real glitter flakes.   4.5 mil thick product ( 0.0045 inch ) Adhesive coated on backside. This is a peel and stick product. Great for decals, auto graphics, stickers,  bumper stickers, lettering, numbers, eye-catching displays.  recent production, made in USA.

 This product looks different than my Hologlitter / sequin item. The hologlitter/sequin pattern is irridescent, it has a rainbow color effect when light hits it. This glitter flake product is not irridescent, only one color is seen when light hits it. It does sparkle alot. It is similar to products sold under the name ultra metallic and sparkle-brite.


 This vinyl is not always easy to cut on a computer controlled cutter. When unrolled, this vinyl may want to "tunnel", making it difficult to cut on a cutter. To improve the cutability, this vinyl can be peeled off of the liner, then laid back down smoothly on the release liner. This is not always easy to do, especially on a large piece. It is much easier to do if you have a laminator.


The white glitter is much different than the other colors. The white is semi-transparent, it looks best when applied to a white object. The white glitter looks pink and blue when it sparkles, mostly pinkish. It would look much different over a black background, more like green and copper color. If applied over text, you could read through it. It is commonly used on greeting cards, and as snow on christmas decorations.


Color Choices




Cherry Red


Royal Blue

Sky Blue (light blue)

Fluorescent pink (hot pink)


translucent white

champagne / copper

brass yellow

Pink Fizz


Fluorescent Yellow