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STARDUST Holographic Vinyl Sample Pack, 8 x 12 inch sheet, Swatch Book

$ 18.95 $ 21.95

Stardust Holographic Sheets with Adhesive, 16 colors.  

all sheets are 8x12

This stardust pattern has a smaller "flake" size compared to our sequins pattern. 

This package includes 16 different colors, in order as pictured, they are gold, silver, red, royal blue, emerald green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, rose gold, black, bronze brown, sky blue, turquoise, violet, Amethyst. The fluorescent colors will appear to glow when illuminated with a black light.  

Rolls of these items are also sold in our store, Paper St. Plastics.

Great for windows decals, stained glass, signage, displays, mirrors, low-wattage lighting, color coding files and books, crafts, projects, kids art projects, automotive decorative applications.  Not the same window tint film. Can be used outdoors, but may have limited durability.

 Can easily be cut with scissors, razor knife, Stikas and other computer controlled vinyl cutters and plotters. Can be printed upon with sol-jet, thermal transfer, and ecosol-jet. Won't print with deskjet printers.