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Brushed Aluminum Sign Vinyl, 24 inch x 10 feet, Longlife Fine Brush silver color

$ 29.00

Silver Colored Brushed Aluminum Longlife sign vinyl, 24 inch wide by 10 feet in length.

Often used for signage, lettering, decorative resurfacing

 Adhesive coated on the back. Width is 24  inch wide,  30 feet in length. This is a peel and stick product. Great for lettering. 3 mil thick vinyl.  Can be used outdoors, Rated for 5 year outdoor durability. 

Water Proof and scratch resistant.

This contains only a very small amount of aluminum, it is 99 percent plastic polymers, the aluminum middle layer is very thin.

 Recent production, made in USA.  Money back if not satisfied.o.

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