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ANY Color Glittering Holographic Tape 1" x 150 feet, Sequins that Sparkle

$ 17.48

one roll of  tape, 1 inch wide  x 150 foot.. Your choice of color(s). 

You can let me know your color choice by sending me an email to us at

 These tapes contain no actual glitter flake, just a holographic interpretation of glitter. The tapes appear to sparkle and glitter. There is a rainbow effect of color, ( Irridescence ).  The fluorescent colors will glow when illuminated with a blacklight.  This pattern is also called "sequins"and holo-glitter and metal flake.  Metric measurement of this tape is about 24 mm x 50 meters.

All tapes are adhesive coated on the back. Waterproof.  The tapes are very flexible, can be wrapped around a pencil. Items can be combined for shipping discount. Great for Stripping, Hula Hoops, Auto and truck graphics, scrapbooks, projects. Items can be combined for shipping discount.

Available colors include



Cherry Red

Purple / Fuschia

Violet ( a bluish shade of purple)

Raspberry ( a redish shade of purple)

Royal Blue ( medium blue)

Sky Blue (light blue)

Emerald Green


Fluorescent Yellow

Fluorescent Pink ( hot pink)

Rose Gold

Flo Green

Flo Orange






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