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6 Transparent Plastic Tapes, 1/4"x 25ft,  choose any colors

6 Transparent Plastic Tapes, 1/4"x 25ft, choose any colors

$ 15.95

6 transparent tapes. each are one quarter inch wide by 25 feet in lenght. ( 6mm x 8 meters ) Adhesive coated on the back. Will stick to all smooth, dry, surfaces. waterproof.   In the item photo, the 6 colored tapes are on a window (right) , the colored sunlight is on the hand.  The tapes in photo are 1/2 inch wide.   Great for windows, low wattage lighting, mirrors.

The four fluorescent colors will fluoresce under daylight, and glow under a blacklight.

Recent production, made in USA. 

A peel and stick product

Please remeber to let me know your color choices, you can send me an ebay message with your choices, or enter them in the "note to seller" box that appears during paypal checkout.

These tapes are also available in 6, 4, 2,1, and 1/2 inch wide, as well as 6, 12 inch,  and 24 inch wide rolls and also 8 x 12 inch sheets.

Available Colors Include;






royal blue

light blue

emerald Green



fluorescent orange

fluorescent Pink (hot pink)

fluorescent Green

Fluorescent yellow



pink fizz

clear  matte