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6 Rolls of HoloCrystal Tape, Your Choice of any 6 Colors, Holographic Tape, 1"x25ft ea

$ 20.95

Each roll is 1 inch wide by 25 feet in length, adhesive coated on the back. These tapes are holographic and irridescent, they change diffract and change colors when moved. Often used to decorate hula hoops, displays, and graphics. They are waterproof.  the colors in main item photo are, from left to right, sky blue, purple, flo green, silver, royal blue, flo orange, black.  

please send me an email to us at, to let me know your 6 color choices, from the list below:




fluorescent green

fluorescent pink

fluorescent orange

fluorescent yellow

royal blue





light blue



OK to mix and match any 6 colors, Sky blue , copper, and violet are no longer available.