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6 Rainbow Colors Prism Vinyl Tapes 1/2" x 25 feet

$ 14.99

6 rolls of tape. Each roll is one half  inch wide by 25 feet in length. Adhesive coated on back. Pattern is 1/4 inch mosaic. Colors are yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green.

Special effects holographic pattern is iridescent, appears to diffract color when moved. Often used for ; Decorative tape, automotive stripes, band tapes, flag pole wraps, trim, borders, underlining in signage, small decals, hula-hoop wraps, holiday decorations, bikes, toys, RCs, RVs, boats, fishing lures, flashers, graphics, edging, edge bands, edgeand, clothing accessories. Can be used outdoors.

12mm x 8 meters