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6 Glittering Vinyl Tapes, Rainbow Colors, 1 Inch x 25 ft, Holographic Sparkles

$ 21.95

6 rolls of tape. Each roll is one inch wide by 25 feet in length. Adhesive coated on back. Pattern is holographic glitter, also called sequins. Colors are yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green.

Special effects holographic pattern is irridescent, it sparkes and diffracts color when moved.  A close-up photo of this pattern in silver color is shown in our silver tape advertisements.

Often used for ; Decorative tape, automotive stripes, band tapes, flag pole wraps, trim, borders, underoning in signage, small decals, hula-hoop wraps, holiday decorations, bikes, toys, RCs, RVs, boats, fishing lures, flashers, graphics, edging, edge bands, edgeband, clothing accessories. Can be used outdoors. waterproof.

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