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15 Different Color Prism Tapes, 1" x 25 ft, Holographic

$ 45.95

This sale is for 15 rolls of tape, each is 1 inch wide x 25 foot.  One roll of each available color.   Metric measurement of this tape is about 25mm x 8 meters.

All tapes are adhesive coated on the back. Waterproof.  The tapes are very flexible, can be wrapped around a pencil. Items can be combined for shipping discount. Other widths available. Great for Stripping, Hula Hoops, Auto and truck graphics, fishing lures.  Items can be combined for shipping discount.  Although 16 tapes are shown in item photo, this auction is for 15 rolls.

Colors include



Cherry Red


Violet ( a bluish shade of purple)

Raspberry ( a redish shade of purple)

Royal Blue

Sky blue  (medium-light blue)

Emerald Green


Fluorescent Pink

Flo Green

Flo Orange