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15 Different Color Glittering Tapes, 1/2 inch x 25 feet

$ 29.95

 15 rolls of tape, each is 1/2 inch wide x 25 foot.  One roll of each available color.   These tapes are contain no actual glitter flake, just a holographic interpretation of glitter.  This pattern is also called "sequins". Metric measuremnt of this tape is about 12 mm x 8 meters.

All tapes are adhesive coated on the back. Waterproof.  The tapes are very flexible, can be wrapped around a pencil. Items can be combined for shipping discount. Other widths available.  

Great for  Hula Hoops, Auto and truck graphics.  Items can be combined for shipping discount.

If you want a selection other than  one of each color, please send me an email.