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Etched / Frosted Glass Sign Vinyl 24"x 10 feet FROST

$ 32.95

Etched Glass / Frosted Glass Clear Vinyl 24"x 10 feet, Clear Transparent Vinyl has a matte finish on outside, adhesive coated on inside.   24 inch wide by 10 feet . this colorless transparent plastic is commonly used to put lettering on glass doors and windows.  0.003 inch thick vinyl.  Can be used to add privacy to windows,

Can easily be cut with scissors, razor knife, Stikas, Cricuts, Rolands, and other computer controlled vinyl cutters and plotters. Can be printed upon with sol-jet, thermal transfer, and ecosol-jet. Won't print with deskjet printers.

Please note: if this vinyl is applied wet, like window tint, the adhesive will temporarily  turn cloudy white. It will dry and turn back to clear, but this may take a while because the moist adhesive is trapped between two no-porous surfaces


suitable installation instructions can be seen at:


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