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Mystique / Chameleon Tape. Color Changing Vinyl, Blue or Red

$ 8.95 $ 69.00

1 inch wide x 50 feet in length,

Choose your color and style of mystique vinyl

The opaque version has a white , sticky adhesive on the back.  the transparent versions have a clear , sticky version on the back.

The blue color has a blue/red shift.  the red color has a red/yellow shift.  the blue color is more popular than the red.

often used on clothing accessories, automotive and sporting goods.

 This product is iridescent, it changes color when moved, or when the viewing angle is changed.  Beautiful, vibrant and seamless.

This product is a little thinner than most vinyls, about 2 mil thick,( 0.002 INCH) thick.  The red color is a little thinner than the blue.

Sticks to most clean, smooth surfaces.

High quality USA made vinyl.

Can easily be cut with scissors, razor knife, Cricuts, Stikas, and other computer controlled vinyl cutters.

other sizes are available


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